Good Art, Bad Artists

Think carefully about the issue presented in the following quotation from American artist Georgia O’Keefe.

“Art is a wicked thing.  It is what we are.”

What is your view on the above statement?  Plan and write an essay in which you develop your point of view on the issue.  Support your stand with examples from your studies or experiences.

Never Ever

Think about all of the older people you know– teachers, parents, coaches, neighbors, friends, relatives, acquaintances.  Probably one or several of the adults you know have provided you with an example of how not to live your life.  Look ahead to your future, and think about the one thing you will not let happen.  Begin by writing:  The one thing I will never do is …

Comparing Views

How do the images you see on TV and through other media differ from what you have found to be real?  Think of this question in terms of any social disturbance you have experienced (for example, a war, riot, protest, or public controversy).

Boys and Girls

Do you think men or women have an easier time of things?  Explain your thoughts.

Visit the web site for a major store chain (for instance, http://www.gap.com), and study how it “moves” the consumer through it.  How does the site induce you to consume?

Now that you’ve read “Love and Other Catastrophes: A Mix Tape,” by Amanda Holzer, included in The Best American Non-Required Reading, it’s time to create your own mixtape.

Some themes include your LD, a past relationship, previous experiences at school, etc.  I expect a title and the names of the singer/band after each song.  Good luck!

No Computers Allowed

Many writers end their paragraphs with a concluding sentence.  This sentence sums up the main idea of the paragraph and reminds readers of how the paragraph supports and connects to the essay’s overarching claims.

Write a paragraph that argues that computers should not be allowed in high school classrooms.  Make sure your paragraph acts like an essay–  that is, make sure your paragraph has a topic sentence, an arguable claim, evidence, analysis, and concluding sentence.

(P.S.  You have to use your computer to write this.  Ha ha get it?)


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